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Training Workshops

Don Remien holds workshops at his training facilities in Charlo, Montana and at other locations around the country. The workshops are designed for individuals who wish to refine their retriever training skills. The content of each workshop is personalized and based on the needs and interests of its participants.

The main workshop offered, Workshop #1, is a Basics Plus Workshop. The other option, Workshop #2, is all inclusive: A Basics, Problem Solving, Test Setup, Judging, Transitional, Handling Clinic for Novices, Advanced Handlers, Know-it-Alls, and "Smart-Asses". If you belong in the second catagory, please make sure to schedule your workshop accordingly.


Who should attend?

In the past, attendees of the workshops have consisted of those who are very new to the sport, to others that have had years of experience. The level of each workshop is determined by the level of the dogs enrolled along with consideration to the experience of the participants.

The Basics Plus Manual is also available for sale. The manual was designed to be used as an outline for each participant, to be used along with the information and insights passed on by Don Remien in the workshop. For more information about the Basics Plus Manual, please Contact Us.

The workshops are designed for all breeds of retrievers.


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