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About Don Remien

Owned and operated by Don Remien, Rising Sun Retrievers has been training Retrievers for over 30 years. Working in Western Montana, Don has been involved with the making of over 70 Field Champions (FC) , 3 National Amateur Field Champions (NAFC) , 33 National Finalists, and dozens of dogs on the Top 10 Derby List. Take a look at Don Remien's Honor Roll


What we do:

Beginning with the basic tenants of training, including obedience, force training, marking and handling, Don teaches each dog to maximize their ability. Some dogs are destined to be good gun dogs; others are destined to be National Field Champions. Rising Sun Retrievers will help your dog be the best he can be. The goals each client has for their “individual dog” are assessed and strived for.

Don with his clients at the National Amateur

RSR's Client Handling Program

I feel it is important clients know and understand not only their own dog, but all dogs. For this reason, all clients are coached in training and handling. Clients run not only their own dog but multiple dogs when training at Rising Sun Retrievers. We train the handler, not just the dog.

Training Facilities

Located in Charlo, Montana in the beautiful Mission Valley; Rising Sun Retrievers has a 24 dog kennel / training facility complete with technical ponds, terrain and pattern work sites. RSR has access to hundreds of acres of ponds, fields, terrain, and constructed training grounds, including wildlife refuge areas. Visit the Training Facilities page.

Field Trial Training with Don Remien

Field Trial Training

Don is home in Montana from March through November; traveling back and forth to various field trials in the Pacific Northwest. From December through March, Don is on the road in California, training in warmer weather.

Training is done on a reservation basis. The year is divided into three training sessions. Commitment to a session is strongly advised, but not required. Reduced training fees are available for session commitments. Learn more about Field Trial training with Don Remien.

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